June is Men’s Health Month

It is June and almost officially summer! But health and wellness should never take a vacation. So why does the US only choose one month to focus on Men’s Health? Because sometimes life can derail us from what’s important. And let’s face it, the needs of men and boys is not always on the forefront of the most popular health advice channels. I, for one, am excited that this month brings awareness to preventable health problems and encourages good habits for men. If you’re a man or reading this with a man in mind, here are some helpful tips to take care of that bod, both inside and out.

Let’s start with the inside. Men and women are different. And so are the natural supplements you might need to be focusing on that can help you keep your wellness in check. So here are 5 basic kinds of remedies to boost male vitality.

1. Natural Prostate Remedies

More and more men over 40 are getting to know the importance of taking care of this gland, even if unfortunately it starts with annoying urinary issues. No worries, there’s an herb for that. Saw Palmetto promotes prostate comfort and healthy urinary function. The good news is that the herb is now recognized as a standard remedy, and can be found in amazing prostate formulas with other helpful ingredients like flax seeds, nettle, and pumpkin seed oil.

2. Multivitamins for Men

Since men and women are different, it only makes sense that they would require specific nutrients for male and female unique needs. Multivitamins for men provide all the essential vitamins and minerals for daily well-being PLUS targeted herbs and nutrients that help to maintain healthy prostate function and healthy testosterone levels, as well as offer natural libido support.

3. Cardio Care & Stress Relief

Magnesium helps you relax when stressed. It’s usually the first natural recommendation for healthy cardiovascular function and nervous system support.

Magnesium is a critical mineral for energy production, works with calcium to maintain bone health, and also helps to regulate blood glucose.

4. Herbal Libido Support

Herbs have been historically used to support male sexual health. Restore sexual satisfaction and confidence naturally with potent libido-boosting herbs such as:

Add any of these herb powders to your daily smoothie, or take on-the-go in convenient capsules.

Of course, as we always say, check with your healthcare practitioner before taking any herbs, minerals, or other remedies, especially if you are taking medications or have a medical condition.

Maca whole root and powder
Maca Root

5. Men’s Skin Care Remedies

Lavender Essential Oil
Lavender Oil

As a special treat, I wanted to share a how-to I’ve been using for years to take care of my skin during that dreaded daily mirror ritual…shaving! A PRE-SHAVE OIL is an absolutely terrific way to add an extra layer of lubrication and comfort into your shaving routine. And the health benefits of the natural ingredients will extend well past the morning shave.

Now for the outside skin health portion…

First, the carrier oil we’ll be using is Almond Oil. This is the most important aspect, since it will provide the moisture that prevents the skin from being nicked due to dryness. Next come the essential oils, which will provide the fragrance. My personal tip is the addition of Vitamin E skin oil, to smooth the skin and minimize the appearance of stretch marks.  Add in a few more beneficial oils and you’ll never think about buying this from an expensive boutique again!

The “Dark & Sweet” Pre-Shave Oil:

Combine all into an amber glass bottle and swirl together. Massage a nickel-sized amount with your hands onto un-shaved skin before applying shaving cream. Shave and rinse as usual.

Men's shaving and skincare
The Dark & Sweet Pre-Shave Oil Ingredients

If DIY is not your thing, see our selection of natural men’s skincare remedies and drop us a comment below about your natural health routine.

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