10 Reasons To Love Lavender

Won’t you buy my sweet blooming lavender, 
sixteen branches one penny, 
Ladies fair make no delay, 
I have your lavender fresh today.

Buy it once, you’ll buy it twice, 
it makes your clothes smell sweet and nice. 
It will scent your pocket handkerchiefs, 
sixteen branches for one penny,

– London Street Cry

Lavender has indeed been revered throughout the centuries for its distinctive floral scent, and its fragrance features in classic perfumes and aromatherapy blends. In fact, Lavender’s genus name comes from the Latin lavare, to wash, a possible reference to its use as a scented bath ingredient in ancient Greece and Rome.

Today, herbalists and aromatherapists all over the world love Lavender flowers for its amazing ability to soothe the senses and unknot the nerves. Why just the sight of the beautiful purple-violet blossoms evokes an instant sense of tranquility!

Lavender garden by the river
Lavender garden by the river in North Carolina

How to Live The Lavender Life

It’s easier than you think to incorporate the benefits of the fragrant flower and its prized essential oil into your everyday environment. Use Lavender flower and the pure essential oil to:

  1. Promote relaxation and help you sleep (tea, sleep pillow, bath)
  2. Relieve stress, tension & nervous irritability (oil, tea, bath)
  3. Soothe upset stomach and relieve gas (tea)
  4. Brighten mood (tea, oil)
  5. Lessen worry and anger (oil)
  6. Cool sunburn (oil)
  7. Promote clear, blemish-free skin (herb, oil)
  8. Revitalize dry, dull hair (oil, herbal rinse)
  9. Soothe insect bites and stings (oil)
  10. Create floral culinary treats (herb)
Penn Herb’s Organic Lavender Flowers, Whole (Lavandula angustifolia)

5 Way to Use Lavender

Relax with Lavender tonight and wake up calm and refreshed tomorrow. How? Here are 5 easy ways to soothe your senses:

Lavender sachet
Make a Lavender sachet
  1. Make a fragrant brew to gently unwind
    Add 1 heaping teaspoon of dried Lavender to 8 oz hot water. Cover and allow to steep for 5-7 minutes; strain and enjoy.
  2. Make a deliciously relaxing Lavender Lemonade (Mmmmm)
    It gives your lemonade a delicious floral flavor and beautiful pink color without added food coloring or preservatives.
  3. Melt away the stresses of the day
    Nothing relaxes and refreshes you like a lovely Lavender bath!
    Put 2 tablespoons of dried Lavender in a cloth bag and add to warm bathwater.
  4. Instantly create a relaxing atmosphere in any space
    Add 5-10 drops of Lavender essential oil to a diffuser
  5. Settle into a restful sleep with an aromatic sleep pillow
    Fill a small muslin bag or sachet with dried Lavender and place inside the pillow (can add 1-2 drops of Lavender essential oil).

Add a dose of tranquility to your busy life with the fragrant blooms. When you live the Lavender life you fill every day with positive energy and peaceful vibes. How do you use Lavender?

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