Event Recap: Health Fair 2019

Penn Herb’s own annual Health Fair was started a few years ago to showcase new and traditional natural remedies to our native Philadelphia community. Free samples, demos, and giveaways sure did get people through the door, but it was the organic sharing of good health knowledge that kept visitors roaming our store for more.

This year was no exception, as dozens of local and international vendors set up colorful and informative displays to show it’s not only pharmacies where you can seek relief from what ails folks.

Keep reading to see the highlights from the two-day event and get to know our favorite, trusted brands that partnered with us. You might just learn a thing or two…

Barefoot Botanicals

Barefoot Botanical’s Herbal Simple Syrups

It was hard to miss Barefoot Botanical’s beautiful display of delectable herbal syrups! Greeted by the owner and experienced herbalist Linda Shanahan, their story really increases the desire to taste their simple syrups and unique hydrosols (think essential oils but more delicate and aromatic, sprayed in the air or on cocktails!). Linda spent a long time growing herbs and flowers for other manufacturers, until 2 years ago she experimented with making her own herbal simple syrups to help her and her husband enjoy their own unique cocktails. So an idea was born! Barefoot Botanical has blended the craft of farming with the art of herbalism, only selling from what they grow and make. Barefoot Botanicals will be back at Penn Herb soon for an Education Workshop in July. Keep following our blog for more details.

Olbas Remedies

Our favorite way to gain the Power to Breathe…naturally! Brand reps Karen and Keith set up shop both days to showcase their whole line of 8 Herbal Remedies. And at the core of it all is the most unique essential oil aromatherapy blend, made from a Swiss recipe…Olbas Oil. With the invigorating effects of peppermint, eucalyptus, cajeput, wintergreen, juniper berry & clove oil coming together, their on-site essential oil diffuser brought visitors to a very relaxed state to learn all the benefits of Olbas Herbal Remedies.

Fruitwood Orchards Honey

What was all the buzz about? That, my friends, was Pat Ryan’s own traveling honey beecomb! Fruitwood Orchards was on site, showing us the sweeter side to health. Family owned and operated, Fruitwood Orchards are a honey producer and packer, specializing in local honey right here in the Delaware Valley.

Buzz Buzz. Fruitwood Orchard’s own Honey Bees.

It’s common knowledge nowadays that our honeybees have been slowly disappearing from backyards and parks everywhere. Learn why this is happening, what you can do to prevent it, and how we can enjoy living together with this amazing insect that we all need so desperately, all in our next upcoming Consumer Education Workshop at our Philadelphia Flagship Store.

Juice Bull

“Feed What Matters.” Philly Health was in the house! The creator and head personality, Russ Rollins, of this Instagram-exclusive health news and education source was on site pouring out all-raw-vegetable based blended juices. Live streaming for his followers the whole time, Russ was inviting visitors to get to know his social-media show “JUICE BULL” and the benefits and ease of making your own raw organic juice at home. No lie, this blogger thought childhood ruined my love for veggies, but boy was I wrong…it was delicious! Keep those recipes coming Russ!

@PhillyHealth’s Juice Bull Instagram show welcoming.

This was only a taste of what the annual Health Fair showcased to the downtown Philadelphia community. So we hope you’ll think about stopping by next year in 2020, for your health and well-being.

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